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  1. 1. Finding the service tag on a Dell desktop computer.

The Dell service tag is a seven character identifier that is unique to your product. In addition to the service tag, there is an Express Service Code which is a 10-digit numeric version of the service tag. Most Dell products have a service tag. As a general rule, desktop and notebook computers, servers and storage devices, and printers will have a service tag.
Our support includes finding the correct service tag for your dell product

Desktop computer systems include these model names: Dimension, Inspiron, Optiplex, XPS, Vostro, Alienware, and Precision Workstation.

  1. 2. Setup and updates for desktop / laptops
  2. - Ensure your system is up to date with the very latest version of software and drivers.
  3. - Set Up Your New Dell Computer Installed with Windows 7
  4. - Set Up Your New Dell Computer Installed with Windows 8
  5. - Register your security software
  6. - Update Windows automatically using Windows Updates

  1. 3. Setting up your equipment, to help you get up and running quickly.
  2. - Wireless networks
  3. - Wired networks
  4. - Single Monitor and Dual Monitors configuration
- Printers

  1. 4. Customized support for your system from the moment you call us.
  2. - "My Account" information
  3. - Register your system purchased from a retail store

  4. 5. Troubleshooting Assistance

Desktop Support is available for below mentioned products

  • Alienware
  • Legacy Systems
  • XPS Studio
  • XPS Dimension
  • OptiPlex
  • Studio
  • Vostro
  • Inspiron
  • Precision Workstation
  • Studio Hybrid
  • Wyse

Support for Dell Laptops

Laptop Support is available for below mentioned products

  • Adamo
  • Inspiron
  • Vostro
  • Alienware
  • Legacy Systems
  • Studio
  • XPS
  • Chromebook
  • Latitude
  • Studio XPS

CALL: 1-888-411-7077

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