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Internet explorer one of the most widely used web browser (Formally known as Microsoft Internet explorer & Windows Internet Explorer) is a free web browser tool offered by Microsoft to run with their operating system on computers, Laptops, Windows Tablets and Windows phone devices. Although Internet explorer was invented after Netscape browser but been most popular browser ever due to its user friendly features and speed performance.

Internet explorer setup & configuration
Although Internet explorer comes with every windows computer as an add on but before we go ahead and start working on in we have to install or setup the software for its first use. Before we setup our first browser a user have to make sure that he have a working Internet connection on the computer with properly assigned IP configuration provided by Internet service provider (ISP) while installing Internet connection to the computer or laptop where we want to run the program. Once it?s done a user just need to double click on the Internet explorer icon and follow the instructions.

Internet explorer upgrade
Since 16 August 1995 when Internet explorer was first introduced it came up with numerous update till now. The latest Internet explorer 11 is featured in windows 8 ?Blue? update although in windows 7 still recommends Internet explorer 10. Internet explorer updates are automatically available in windows update hence there are several other ways to update Internet explorer but while doing that people also end up with damaging the software.

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