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Bubble PC technical services is a one-stop-shop to diagnose and troubleshoot all errors related to Microsoft Office. The latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 presents you with significant improvements over the preceding versions. You now welcome an updated menu system, stronger security, advanced multimedia editing, web apps, extended file compatibility and user interface updates.

However, this experience does not translate into a flawless one. You will be faced with problems related to installation, performance and usability among others. In fact, the scope of such glitches is almost as huge as Office 2010 itself. And, this is where we come in.

Call Bubble PC, and get instant help on Office issues including:

- Performance Issues
- Programming and Custom Solutions
- Shows No Response, Crashes or Does Not Start
- Service Pack Installation, Upgrades and Application
- Integration with other Applications
- Usability
- Security Issues
- Error Messages
- Upgrade Issues
- Miscellaneous Concerns

Comprehensive support for your PC, connected devices, peripherals, and over a 100 software applications including:
- Diagnostic and repair of your software issues.
- Troubleshooting software errors.
- Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
- Connecting to the Internet, devices, and peripherals.
- Optimizing your computer's speed and performance.


CALL: 1-888-411-7077

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"The tech guy I spoke with was knowledgeable and fixed the issue in just a few minutes. I like their quick services" -Tom / Montreal, Canada
"Experience with Bubble PC has been unbelievable. They resolve problems very intelligently with in little time. Great service at cheaper price. Thanks to you guys!" -Taylor / California, USA

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