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CALL: 1-888-411-7077






Our tech experts will optimize your computer for enhanced speed and performance. We will clear out your junk files, clean up your system registries, defragment your hard drive, update your software and operating system, and make your PC fast and healthy. We will also enhance your computer security settings.

Just give us the green light to remotely access your computer through the Internet and our Bubble PC Certified Technicians will enhance the speed and performance of your PC.

Scope of Service

  • PC optimization and support for one-flat-rate.
  • Comprehensive PC health check-up.
  • Defragment your hard drive and check for errors.
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the internet.
  • Skilled technicians for any computer make or model.
  • Complete diagnosis of your computer or laptop.
  • Data Backup Solution for recovering your lost data.
  • Transferring critical files to an external hard drive.
  • Registry Repair Solution for invalid and obsolete Registry entries and Registry holes.
  • Install missing critical updates and security patches for the operating system.
  • Update existing antispyware and antivirus definitions and software.
  • Clear out start-up and temporary files.
  • Remove other unwanted files to free hard drive space.
  • Schedule automated tasks like hard-drive scanning and defragmenter.
  • Configure the firewall to protect the computer from online threats.

Excellent support for your PC or Laptop:

  • Repair and maintenance of your computing device
  • Diagnosing and resolving software problems
  • Updating Windows, configuring browsers and security products
  • Optimizing your computer or laptop and the peripherals
  • Troubleshooting attached printers, scanners and more as per demand

Avail technical help and support by Microsoft certified technicians for PC optimization in no time. Call Bubble PC 24/7 support on toll free number 1-888-411-7077 for immediate assistance.

CALL: 1-888-411-7077

Customer Feedback!

"The tech guy I spoke with was knowledgeable and fixed the issue in just a few minutes. I like their quick services" -Tom / Montreal, Canada
"Experience with Bubble PC has been unbelievable. They resolve problems very intelligently with in little time. Great service at cheaper price. Thanks to you guys!" -Taylor / California, USA

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